Welcome to the course page for SMA203 - Linear algebra

The course will be run by Dr Ouma, from the beginning of January.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask me after the lecture, come to my office (Prefab, room 9) or email me (my email address is on page 1 of the lecture notes for SMA205).

Course contents

The course consists of six chapters. We will follow the book by Dr. M. Ouma Otieno, although in a few places we will do things in a different order. This book can be copied from your class representative. Here is a very brief summary of Chapter 1.

Library references

There are several good books on linear algebra in the Chiromo library. See for example the book by Cohn, and the book by Allenby. If you find another book, it is probably useful, provided the table of contents corresponds roughly to the chapters above.

Online references

It was not so easy to find good online references, but here are two that seem to be really good:

Here are some lecture notes by W. Chen

and here is a book by Jim Hefferon